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Urgent Care launches new Interactive Mobile APP in support of their new website identified as GoToMyUrgentCare.Com.


Jonathan Melendez General Manager of Urgent Care initiated a press release today notifying that Urgent Care now offers a FREE Interactive Mobile APP for their new and existing patients in order to provide a new level of superior care. For more information please visit: http://www.GoToMyUrgentCare.Com.




Urgent Care Giveaway Coming Soon!


Urgent Care will be giving away many new exciting gifts this year including iPod’s and Special Value Incentive Gift Certificates to a multitude of visitors that take the time to review the new GoToMyUrgentCare.Com website and new Urgent Care dedicated Facebook pages for Urgent Care of Kansas City




Urgent Care of Kansas City will soon have a pharmacy at their Independence location.


Today Urgent Care of Kansas City notified their patients that a new in-house pharmacy will soon be available to better serve their needs. Acting CEO Jeff Johnson stated, “At Urgent Care, we believe that offering a higher level of customer service is key to acquiring long term business sustainability while providing our patients with the ultimate experience in health care."



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